Nourish – Nutritional Therapy

NATUROPATHIC NUTRITIONAL THERAPY is a natural and gentle approach that uses food and occasionally good quality supplements and lifestyle changes to improve nutritional status in the body which works especially well for chronic diseases. NUTRITIONAL THERAPY works from the premise that the body is perfectly capable of healing itself as long as it has the right nutrients in order to do so.

Chronic conditions which can benefit from NUTRITIONAL THERAPY are Diabetes, Cancer, Arthritis, Digestive Issues, Joint Problems, Impacts of Stress, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Cardiovascular conditions, Auto-immune disorders, Weight issues, Skin Issues, Allergies and many more.

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Stress Management Therapy

Our world today is very much more stressful. Technology has meant that we are now contactable 24 hours a day which means that work can often impact on our personal lives more and more. Most conditions that patients visit their doctors about have their origin in stress.

STRESS MANAGEMENT THERAPY looks at the impact of stress on the client and gives them the ability to recognise the difference between good and bad stress and teaches them how to manage their stress levels and decrease the effect that stress has on their body.

Long term stress can severely affect a person’s health and can lead to nutrient deficiencies and disease. Learning how to manage our responses to both stressful situations and long term stress can lessen the impact of stress and therefore promote health.

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